Ludum Dare 30 - Idea Dump


  1. Portals between worlds
  2. Bridges between worlds, that need to be built to move from one to the other
  3. Teleporting and instaed of instantly appearing at the other side you go into another world, like cutting through an alley.
  4. Flipping between two different characters in different worlds.
  5. An underwater world and and one on land
  6. Astronaught crash lands on a primitive planet
  7. Jump between parallel dimensions
  8. Stop two planets from colliding
  9. Two characters whose lives are connected, if one dies so does the other.
  10. Person creates a way to jump from world to world. Thinking they are jumping back to their own world they end up somewhere else. The point begins to make it back home.
  11. Minimalist abstract puzzle solver. You move a square and circle. Controls move both at the same time but on separate playing boards. Once could be top down and the other a platformer.
  12. Moving between worlds where the worlds are defined by certain rules changing like gravity or left becomes right. Moving through each world feels like changing chanels.