Ludum Dare 31 - Idea Dump

The theme for Ludume Dare 31 is 'Entire Game on One Screen'.

  1. Screen the game is played on looks like an old style television with the number 1 on it.
  2. Locked in a room, every exit bring you back to that same room until you "solve" the puzzle.
  3. In a house, where you can see all the rooms. You have to move from room to room without being seen. Scenarios:
    1. You're a thief trying to rob the place without getting caught.
    2. You're in the house where someone has broken in and you're trying to escape, or contact the police and hide until they get there.
  4. Puzzle game only uses one screen.
  5. A brawler game, where you're locked in an arena and have to fight multiple opponents. They could be snowman themed opponents.
    1. Instead of an arena you could be trapped in a snow covered field, where you get attacked by zombies, but the snow covers them so they look like snowmen.
  6. Camera point of view is looking through a screen door.
  7. Puzzle game where you where when you clear a level it reconfigures and you play through the same room but a different puzzle.
  8. An rpg that fits on a single screen.
    your shot while the screen is up or else you fail. Could go super low rez on this. Zoom into each section as you visit it.
  9. Small platformer where all the levels fit on one screen.
  10. On a boat or spaceship that you need to escape from, you can see a cross section for the whole ship and can move from room to room.
  11. spaceship where you have to fight other ships
  12. Some kind of sports game where the whole field is on one screen. Or some variation on a real sport.
    1. hockey
    2. soccer
    3. football
    4. basketball
    5. Ultimate Frisbee