Ludum Dare 32 - Idea Dump

Theme: An Unconventional Weapon

This is basically just shotgunning out ideas for LD32, some stuff I built on most got trashed.


Bucket - Could be used in a problem solving game. Like wearing the helmet on your head to prevent damage from above. Swinging the bucket to attack. Filling the bucket with different things to solve puzzles, like carrying water or rocks or lava. Sitting in the bucket and using it like a boat.

guitar - Using music as a weapon, or just swinging it. Swinging would be like a melee attack and playing the guitar could be like casting a spell, some heal, some do dmg or whatever.

Darkness/Light - Find and light all the torches in a room/dungeon. Things will attack in the dark, you can point the light in a direction to destroy what's coming at you.

Teleportation - Shots could teleport an enemy or the player to a specific location. Some items could reflect or absorb shots.

speed - moving quickly to avoid damage, or you can damage an enemy if you're moving fast enough. Perhaps even move quick enough to slow down time.

time manipulation - Freeze time to manipulate events, slow down time to avoid hazards or traps, reverse time to take back a deadly move or avoid damage.

blackhole - open up a black hole to clear a room of traps or enemies, strategically placing and time where you need to put it to avoid getting caught in it yourself.

a book - you can change a story to manipulate how people react. Like you've stumbled across a book that predicts the future, but you can change it and it will change the future. Could be like a choose your own adventure, that you can play through. Choices would last for that session, so multiple endings would be a possibility, to see if you can make a better or worse world.

jelly beans - aliens have attacked and we've discovered their only weakness is jelly beans. Different flavours would have different effects like, making them float, stick together, become bouncy, explode.

junk - Players and mobs use whatever is lying around as a weapon.

your shadow - Player character would move somewhere safe. Then they would take control of their shadow to move from darkness to darkness to kill an intended target. If the shadow hit's light it's destroyed, if the player it caught by enemy patrols they either escape or are killed. One shot will kill the player. Player moves differently as a shadow, can jump very high and move faster. AI would react to sound close to them and move in that direction.

clones - player makes copies of themselves that run through dangerous puzzle rooms, as long as one clone survives the player wins.

holograms - misdirect enemies.

disguise - player can make themselves look like a mob, if that mob sees them they are dead.

freeze gun - turn enemies to solid objects. so they can be pushed or shattered, used to move between puzzles.

ghost - player is a ghost that jumps from body to body to solve puzzle rooms.

Top Picks

  • your shadow
  • time manipulation
  • jelly beans

Shadow Killer Idea


  • object tiles
    • player start tile
    • light source tile
    • mob tiles
  • Add Lighting Effects
  • Add Mobs

Alternate Idea

Ninja w/ Vegetables as weapons

  • Celery Bo Staff
  • Corn Machine Gun
  • Carrot Daggers
  • Cherry Bombs
  • Sticky Oranges Traps
  • Slippery Banana Traps
  • Hot Pepper Incendiaries

4 Levels

  • Day
  • Evening
  • Night
  • Castle

trap room - 100 mobs drop from the ceiling, player has to kill them all.

carrot king - width: 100, height: 160