Ludum Dare 30 - Taking Shape

The Basic Idea

Player will move between worlds where the rules change from world to world. The point will be to move through each world to eventually escape.

Graphical Style

  • Very minimalistic pixel art, on account of I'm no artist
  • Player and worlds will be monochromatic, but change to reflect the different worlds


  • Each world is a selfcontained experience
  • Player will need to collect (crystals, coins, powercells, pickup keys, something) to (activate a portal,open a door, instantaneously teleport) to get to the next world.

Notes: I like the door to other worlds idea but I'll start with instant teleport and put the doors in if there's time

Level Ideas

  • Movement
    • Switch controls for up/down or left/right
    • increase / decrease speed
  • Gavity
    • reduce
    • reverse
    • remove
  • Sitch Perspective to top down
  • Add Abilities
    • punch through walls
    • shoot lasers from eyes
    • fly
    • teleport
  • Enemies
    • Stationary firing turrets
    • zombies
    • evil robots
    • some kind of monster like goblins/orcs
  • Safe is dangerous and dangerous is safe

Narrow it down to 3

  • teleportation
  • safe is dangerous
  • punch through walls
  • increase speed and jump height
  • top down view
  • Zombies!

That's too many, try again

  • increase speed and jump height
  • safe is dangerous
  • teleportation
  • Zombies!

That's still too many... oh well :)

Colors for each level

blue - increase speed
red - safe is dangerous
green - Zombies!
yellow - teleportation

Ok, that look like enough. Time to start coding :)