Week 2 - Rogue Slasher

You can play the game here

This is the 2nd game in my #onegameaweek challenge. A simple hacknslash rogue-like.

Rogue Slasher

Why a rogue-like...

It started with a simple cellular automata class I had been working on earlier, but didn't have a game for yet.

I was trying to decide between making a platformer or a rogue-like when I came across this great tutorial How to Make Your First Roguelike by Ido Yehieli, and decided to try and make one of my own.

Putting it all Together...

I used the cellular automata code to generate the level maps. The music is Night Prowler by section31. The sound effects I just made with my voice and an android program Voice changer with effects. And the sprites I drew using Aseprite.

The levels change as you progress, using different tiles and adding more enemies. Since the game only ends when the player dies, I added a highscore so players would have a number to try to beat on subsequent plays through.

What I learned

Probably the biggest thing I learned was a better technique for managing actors on the 2D array gameboard, which I got from Ido Yehieli's tutorial. Having a separte array to track the actors location (other than the group of all actors) made it so much easier to figure out their relative positions and how to move them around the board.

For sound effects I typically use BFXR or SFXR, but I had noticed in the last Ludum Dare that a lot of people used vocal effects, so I wanted to try that out in this game. It was actually pretty easy, I just made some noise and then tweaked it a little with the app to get it to sound how I wanted.

Also, I'm pretty terrible at drawing, so I wanted to practice making sprites this week. I meant to make a different sprite for the monsters but it takes me a while to make them so I took the player sprite and tinted it in the game to make it red. That way I could reuse the attack animation.

Other Stuff

The source code is available on github here.

I also did a quick timelapse of drawing the sprites in aseprite. You can check that out here:

Anyway, that's all for now. See ya in the next one :)