Week 4 - Lost Fragments

You can play the game here

This is the 4th game in my #onegameaweek challenge. A turn based micro RPG about mending a broken heart.


why an RPG...

I've always enjoyed the NES rpg classics, Dragon Warrior, Zelda, Final Fantasy were big influences. I really wanted to expand on my first attempt at an rpg (The Well) and introduce a combat system.

lost fragments

The title for the game is probably more applicable at describing how it was made. Much of this game was built on previous work. I used the screen transition and main character sprite from The Well and the grid based movement and touch controls from Rogue Slasher. The enemy sprites were new for this game and I redid a few tile sprites from "The Well" as well as added a few more.

combat system

The combat system was the main focus for this game. It's a 1v1 turn based system. Encounters are random where the probability of an encounter is dependent on the current screen. Typically there's a 10% chance per step that an encounter will happen. Leveling is gradual and linear with move difficult enemies providing more experience. Max health, attack power and amount of health restored by potions are all related to the player level. Where as with the enemy power and level are not related. The player will also, always be able to hit the enemy regardless of level, whereas the enemy level is used to determine the probablility that they can hit the player. It still needs a great deal of tweeking but I'm happy with how it turned out.

stuff I learned

I learned how to move a sprite by tile coordinates and how to make collision work without relying on the physics system. This was because I am moving the sprite by tweening x and y coordinates, instead of velocity based movement, so I couldn't use the physics system to rely on collision.

I also learned how to setup a separate combat menu system which was a first for me.

other stuff

The source code is available on github here

Anyway, that's all for now. See ya in the next one :)