Week 5 - Surf Dude

You can play the game here

This is the 5th game in my #onegameaweek challenge. Ride the waves and try to avoid the sharks and ducks.


why a surfing game...

Well, I'm on vacation so it felt applicable. I chose a simple mechanic so I could maximize the limited amount of time I had to work. I suppose I could have skipped this week or doubled up next week, but I wanted to keep to my schedule of releasing a game a week.

what I learned

Since I wasn't always able to be at a computer, I used Pixly on my phone to draw some of the sprites.

It's easy to tell the difference between the shark and duck sprites versus everything else. I had wanted to go with a scribbled look for the art, which was pretty challenging to do on my phone, and I ended up using the line tools to help with drawing so that's why they look different.

I've tried a lot of mobile sprite drawing apps and I really liked using Pixly for drawing on the go. It has a lot of options and syncs with dropbox. So everything was pretty much ready to go when I got back to my computer.

other stuff

The source code is available on github here

Anyway, that's all for now. See ya in the next one :)